For Students

STEAM Program

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math

Students will also receive role model guest lecturers who have been successful in their chosen professional fields

STEAM Student Program Initiatives

Sports Analytics

Sports enthusiasts use analytical methods to improve decision making and strategy


Robotics leagues teach engineering through handson class and lab work

Summer Camps & Internships

High school students attend summer camps and college students serve internships


Students receive wellrounded learning through arts exposure

STEAM Student Program Network

TMCT serves as the centerpiece of the network to support high school students with class/lab space, collegiate interns and high school faculty mentors

TMCT class/lab space

Thurgood Marshall Center Trust facility will host the students weekly and provide a proper learning environment that will include all the technology equipment that students will need to support program development

College students

College students will serve as interns to supervise the high school student teams as they progress through their weekly program requirements. The college interns will grade and give performance progress to the high school students.

High School Faculty

High school faculty STEM advisors at selected schools will be key stakeholders as they will provide application, recruitment and matriculation support for TMCT students. The students may also be participating in their high school STEM programs and TMCT programming will provide additional program exposure.

Make Your Next Move!

TM Student Programs are designed to be holistic, developing the critical skills to create lights that shine as a collective beacon in the world.

TM Student Programs network develops and executes community-level plans to resolve underlying barriers to success specific to Student Development. Embrace, Endorse and Advocate for the vision, mission and strategy of the TMCT Student Programs, with a goal.

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