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You too can benefit from Student Development from The Thurgood Marshall Student Programs. Support System includes, Corporate leaders, Univ. Leaders, and Professionals, who are focused on the development of our students towards College entrance qualifications, College scholarships, and Internships. Please notify us of any students that you would recommend.

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Rick Lee, Student Chair and
Thomasina Yearwood, President/CEO

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Digital Mind State

October 20th. 11-12:30 pm
1816 12th St. NW Suite 413

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SGA Students' roundtable discussion of issues affecting DC community

SGA leaders in DC hosted a Roundtable discussion of the effects that Abortion, Social Media and Drug Abuse have on the DC Community. 

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About Thurgood Marshall Student Programs

We are a private, nonprofit, membership organization, centered locally but nationally affiliated for social and economic justice. Our values are deeply rooted in the principles and legacy of our namesake, “The Honorable Thurgood Marshall”.

We are a collective force of leaders with a wide range of backgrounds in academia, arts, technology, business, law, and philanthropy, with one thing in common: a passion for developing a level playing field for student development, so that they- today’s students and future leaders, can create a better world for themselves and for all of us.

To be the Beacon for Superior Student Development in communities across America by expanding access and opportunity from Cradle to Career!  - Dr. Rick Lee

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 Current Beacon Leaders 2022-2023

former student beacon leaders
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Make Your Next Move!

TM Student Programs are designed to be holistic, developing the critical skills to create lights that shine as a collective beacon in the world.

TM Student Programs network develops and executes community-level plans to resolve underlying barriers to success specific to Student Development. Embrace, Endorse and Advocate for the vision, mission and strategy of the TMCT Student Programs, with a goal.

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