Diversity & Inclusion

To ignite the light within our students as individuals to embrace their uniqueness.

TMCT Diversity & Inclusion Program is designed to allow talented students to experience the diversity and scope of career opportunities available with Corporations, as well as the federal government and other participating entities.

It provides students with the opportunity to merge academic theory with practical application in the workplace. Interns receive preemployment training, expert counseling on career choices, financial management and professional development, and recognition for fulfilling the requirements of the program.

TMCT Student Programs Role Model Speaker



  • Born in Fairfax, VA, graduated from Gar-Field High School
  • Major English and minor in African-American Studies, Master's Degree
    in Counseling and Development, George Mason University
  • 20+ year in Education, K-12 and Higher Education
  • Currently an Associate Dean for University Life at George Mason
Choose the school that fits you best 

Cost and financial aid package, location, size, community, and return on your investment

Diversity of careers in higher education

Cost and financial aid package, location, size, community, and return on your investment 

Computer Systems Engineer, Digital Marketing Specialist, Senior Business Intelligence Developer, Psychologist, Lead Maintenance Technician, Coordinator of Residential Student Development Initiatives, Research GIS Software Engineer, Project Coordinator Financial Aid Counselor Director, Payroll, Assistant Director for Orientation and New Student Programs, Assistant Web Developer

Make choices about your future that make the most sense for you.

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TM Student Programs are designed to be holistic, developing the critical skills to create lights that shine as a collective beacon in the world.

TM Student Programs network develops and executes community-level plans to resolve underlying barriers to success specific to Student Development. Embrace, Endorse and Advocate for the vision, mission and strategy of the TMCT Student Programs, with a goal.

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