Honoring Rick Lee


Operating Partner SSC
Managing Partner ICS

Seventeen plus years of global executive leadership Fortune 100 companies, and to consultancies, developing, and leading strategic business development initiatives for company transformations, mergers and acquisitions, start-ups and critical turn arounds. Proud alumni of Bowie State, Bowie Maryland, Virginia Tech, Boston College. Six Sigma MBB Certified.

The Thurgood Marshall Student Program would like to share our deepest gratitude to Dr. Rick Lee. He was a visionary who created this program and without his leadership, our beacons won’t be able to thrive. Thank you Dr. Lee. May we all strive to point the way for others to follow.He may be gone, but he is not forgotten and his legacy lives on.

TMCT Salute to our hero Mr. Rick Lee

Rick’s 1st Meeting with Students at TMCT 2019

Rick pouring into the developing young minds.

Guess what Rick was doing in this photo:
(a) asking thought provoking questions
(b) giving life changing information
(d) both of the above

Rick embracing a student. So much excitement as we got ready to head off.

Group pic before leaving on the staircase inside the TMCT building.

Rick wore that Washington Redskin hat like a trophy. He carried it well. He really liked the colors.

Rick introducing the Duke TIP team and Mr Mark Edwards

Rick was so very much a “hands-on” type of servant leader.

Thank you to the Duke University TIP team for giving our students a lot of useful information.

What is Rick doing:
a. Wearing shades
b. Guiding students along the path
c. Sharing an impactful token of knowledge
d. All the above

Rick Lee giving guidance.

Rick giving more guidance to excited minds.

Mr. Mark Edwards giving our TMCT students a
partial tour of the campus.

Rick felt particularly strong about empowering our young ladies to pursue their dreams.

Guess how many selfies they took on the trip:
a. 1
b. 10
c. 15
d. She was his shadow

TMCT students studying diligently.

TMCT students having a Q&A session with Rick.

What do you think they were discussing here?

Rick Lee hosting a wonderful session at the 1st Annual TMCT Student Summit

Nothing but smiles to see here folks. Rick’s presence seemed to command a lot of those.

Rick and Representative Calvin Smyre of
GA at the 1st Annual TMCT Student Summit.

Rick was good at putting smiles on the faces of children.

Rick was great at celebrating achievements
and milestones of others.
1st Annual TMCT Student Summit Awards Ceremony

Board member, Ebony McMorris Bego providing words of encouragement to TMCT students with Rick in attendance.

President Thomasina W. Yearwood and Board Member Sandra L. Lamb Esq.

Sandra L. Lamb exhorting TMCT students with powerful words.

Rick knew how to add joy into precious moments.

Mr. Lewis E. Forrest - Associate Dean of University Life, George Mason University.

Rick with Phylise

Rick with Zaakira

Rick with Jeremiah

Rick with Jayah

Rick with Jamya

What a Guy!

Mr. Russell Lee, Jr. “Rick” Advisory Board Chairman Mentor Friend Beacon!

Beacons of hope.

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