It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation, that we say, Thank You, for your support and continued trust.

Through all of the challenges this year, we realized that we are even more resilient and flexible than we thought. We have stayed connected at a time when physical contact has been limited. With your support, the TMCT Board of Directors, continues to evolve to serve our communities, partners, locally and nationally.

From our TMCT Family, to your family, we wish you peace, faith, hope, and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr.
Chairman of the Board
Thurgood Marshall Center Trust, Inc.

Our Programs


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math

To ignite the light within our students in the field of STEAM, discovering their talents and sharpening their skills to prepare for the future.

STEAM related jobs are the fastest growing sector in our economy. To  prepare our students for success in the 21st century workforce, we believe a robust, Project based curriculum emphasizing these fields and developing the skills of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking is essential.

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Leadership Development

To ignite the light within our current and future leaders to become dynamic catalysts of inspiration.

TMCT Leadership Program is an excellent opportunity for young adults to prepare themselves for their college and career experiences. Our program, designed for high school students, teens can learn valuable life skills that they don’t get in school, giving them a head start on their future compared to most of their peers.

The Focus of the TMCT Leadership  program is to develop great communicators and action-oriented leaders. One key skill will be to develop young adults’ networking skills, and appreciating the advice of mentors and sponsors.

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Diversity & Inclusion

To ignite the light within our students as individuals to embrace their uniqueness.

TMCT Diversity & Inclusion Program is designed to allow talented students to experience the diversity and scope of career opportunities available with Corporations, as well as the federal government and other participating entities.

It provides students with the opportunity to merge academic theory with practical application in the workplace. Interns receive preemployment training, expert counseling on career choices, financial management and professional development, and recognition for fulfilling the requirements of the program.

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Make Your Next Move!

TM Student Programs are designed to be holistic, developing the critical skills to create lights that shine as a collective beacon in the world.

TM Student Programs network develops and executes community-level plans to resolve underlying barriers to success specific to Student Development. Embrace, Endorse and Advocate for the vision, mission and strategy of the TMCT Student Programs, with a goal.

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